About a month ago, Lexus teased us with images of a hoverboard… a real ‘back to the futuresque’ Lexus hoverboard. Im sure you saw the hype images and articles around the web. But until now they where just that… Hype.

But Lexus have finally given us more details; The ‘Slide’ Lexus Hoverboard.

Lexus Hoverboard

How does the Lexus Hoverboard work?

Superconductors, Magnets and Liquid Nitrogen – Now thats a badass way to hover!

The Brainiacs out there tell me that if you cool a superconductor with liquid nitrogen, then you effectively supercharge the magnetic field making it super strong.

The Slide works by balancing on top of a rail with an inverse magnetic field, (hidden underneath the ground in the video above), similar to the way that maglev trains ‘hover’ above magnetic rails. Although Magic is an equally scientific way to explain how this works, and one that satisfies me.