Summer Hair Styles

Have you ever stopped to think about what all that time at the beach is doing to your hair?

It’s a summer necessity, and with such beautiful beaches all over Australia we can’t help but take as much advantage of the warm weather as we can. But turns out the combination of sun and sea salt could be damaging your hair! Don’t think this doesn’t apply to you, men’s short hairstyles are the hardest to maintain.

Firstly – sea salt, there are both positives and negatives to what the salt in the ocean does. Salt unbalances the PH scale in your hair strands. While that sounds like nothing to worry about, for those who have colour treatments, it could actually effect the results at the end of your appointment. You may have walked in wanting some nice light caramel brown highlights – but if you’ve exposed your hair to too much time in the sea and not properly cared for it, you may leave with orange highlights.

However, there is an upside – sea salt enhances your natural texture. Once you leave the water the sea salt will close your hair cuticle and stop it from getting frizzed out.
To gain that perfect beach look…the best thing to do is, as soon as you leave the water towel dry your hair lightly and place it where you want it to sit – that’ll achieve that dried, smooth and textured finish and you really haven’t done anything special to it to gain that perfect hairstyle.


Then we move on to sun. Have you ever gone indoors after a day of sun fun and realized you’ve got these natural highlights? It’s because sun opens your hair cuticles and exposes the underlying pigment…, which is what makes it look lighter. However, for those with coloured hair, you do need to treat it so that the sun doesn’t strip your colour. Wella releases an annual summer sun range to protect coloured hair, a simple cream to make sure the sun doesn’t strip off anything it shouldn’t.

5 awesome hair products to keep you looking your best

I’ve found the perfect list of other top brand summer hair care products to try during the next few months!

  1. As mentioned above, Wella Sun Protection Cream.
  2. Redken Outshine Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk. This cream will ensure that on those humid days you’re not resembling a fluffy dog, leaves hair looking sleek and soft and acts as an anti-frizz agent.
  3. R+Co Rockaway Sea Salt Spray. A perfect product for those wanting that beach look but not in the mood to go to the beach, it will give the same result as swimming in the ocean!
  4. Evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray. Another great sea salt spray to give salty, beach based texture and a great matte finish.
  5. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. Not exactly a product, but a hairbrush. Sometimes the sand can go a bit crazy and leave your hair feeling rough and dry – using this brush will help to return to your slick and stylish ways with ease.